Services FAQs


Q: How much will it cost to board my bird with you?

A: Pricing is dependent on the number of birds to be boarded, species, season and the size of the cage selected. Please call or email for a quote and to check availability. Extended stays (more than a fortnight) require a deposit of 50% at drop off. There is an early bird special available if bookings are paid in full three months in advance.

Q: Are you just a boarding facility? Do you provide any other services?

A: While Bird Boarding is primarily set up to facilitate the boarding of companion parrots, demand for other services has allowed us to interact with companion parrot guardians on many levels. We have developed a range of premium companion parrot services.

Extra services that we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic parrot grooming procedures (wing and nail clipping)
  • One-on-one behavioural consultations
  • Seed to pellet diet conversions
  • Bathing
  • Bird broking
  • Bird adoption
  • Bird re-homing
  • Provision of parrot specific equipment such as toys, educational DVDs, food, basic health supplies, etc.