Husbandry FAQs


Q: My bird has never been to a vet and doesn't show any signs of illness. Does it need a health check?

A: Yes. All birds should have an annual or biannual (twice yearly) health check performed at an avian veterinary practice. Parrots are notorious for hiding illness until they are close to death. This is an attempt to prevent the close attention of predators that tend to pick off the weak members of the flock. The downside to this survival technique is that sick companion birds are often not recognised as being sick until they visit a professional. Your parrot should be tested for Psittacosis once in its lifetime at a minimum. Subsequent tests may be performed at your chosen vet's discretion. These serious and often deadly diseases are, unfortunately, becoming relatively common in captive parrot populations within Australia.

It is a requirement that all birds who board with us have a health check within the year prior to their stay. This ensures the safety of all of our avian guests by stopping the cross-contamination of disease. Please feel free to ask us for more information about avian health checks and Avian Veterinarians in your area.

Q: What should I bring with me when I drop off my bird?

A: Please just bring your bird in its carry cage, your chosen Vet's details, a few favourite toys and any other special items such as sleeping huts or concrete perches. A detailed medical history should be provided if your bird has any existing medical or behavioural issues.

High quality hammer-coated cages are provided for all guests. All other basics such as food bowls, pellets, perches and some enrichment is also provided. This means that you don't have to load the car with all your own items.