Bird Boarding offers a parrot, finch and poultry exclusive environment for your pets to enjoy while you are away. The Bird Boarding team cares for each of our guests individually, ensuring that fresh food and water is always available. In addition to this, birds are provided with human interaction, exercise and an enriching environment. The premises is safe, clean, friendly, secure and under the supervision of a qualified, active avian veterinary nurse and experienced staff.

Birds that board with us are provided with Vetafarm Maintenance pellets (unless directed otherwise), a variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables and native foliage. Staff trained in companion parrot care monitor the food consumption and the general wellbeing of our avian guests daily. Bird Boarding is always happy to provide specialised diets or treats that are supplied by the caregiver.

Each bird is provided with its own cage, which is pressure cleaned prior to occupancy. The bird rooms are vacuumed and mopped daily. In addition, Food bowls and cages are cleaned daily using Vetafarm AviCare veterinary grade disinfectant. Vetafarm AviCare achieves a broad spectrum kill of potentially harmful micro–organisms such as, bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores.Vetafarm AviCare is of course non tissue toxic.

We boast a modern, state of the art facility that can cater to all aspects of bird care, which can give you a piece of mind while your bird is boarding with us. Take a visual tour to see why we're one of the best facilities to care for your bird. 

If your bird is not currently examined annually at an avian veterinary clinic, then please allow yourself enough time for an exam to take place. All birds must be health screened prior to their stay to prevent the cross contamination of disease and to ensure they are fit to board. Bird Boarding works in association with West Brunswick Veterinary Clinic. Please call (03) 9387 6166 if you wish to make an appointment for a Bird Care Programme. If your bird has been examined by an avian veterinarian in the past twelve months, presentation of this documentation will suffice.

The boarding facility is fitted with UVA and UVB broad spectrum lighting and ionic air purifiers to promote good health and general wellbeing. Surveillance cameras for security and client viewing have been installed and viewing is available exclusively to current clients on the web. Our bird rooms are climate controlled year round for comfort.

Pricing is dependent on the number of birds to be boarded, species, season and the size of the cage selected. Please call or email for a quote and to check availability. Extended stays (more than a fortnight) require a deposit of 50% at drop off. There is an early bird special available if bookings are paid in full three months in advance.

Pre-boarding inspections are welcome and encouraged for all potential clients. Walk through appointments are available during weekend business hours.