Bird Boarding accommodates displaced birds on behalf of Bird Re-Homing Services Inc.

Parrots are often received as gifts, inherited or found and for various reasons the union fails. We understand that a large part of responsible pet ownership is ensuring the animal remains content with the life that you provide it. Birds are incredibly social and in some circumstances it is often kinder to accept the facts and consider re-homing.

 This talented and committed team has brought their diverse range of expertise together to offer a premium re-homing service for birds that find themselves in a range of different situations.

According to the policies of Bird Re-homing Services, the bird's health must be certified by an avian veterinarian prior to re-homing. In most cases the bird is then transferred to Bird Boarding and our client base is used to approach suitable potential caregivers.

Guardians requesting the re-homing service will incur a non-negotiable once-off fee. The cost of the bird's boarding and health check are not included in this fee. In the past, birds that have been re-homed have benefited from an improved quality of life and brought joy to their new companions, human and bird alike.

Some important information from Bird Re-homing Services:

  • A fee will be invoiced upon surrendering a bird – this is largely contractual
  • A medical history and the name of the bird's avian veterinarian must be handed over with the bird
  • Handover of birds is by appointment only
  • Once the bird is surrendered, all decisions about the bird's future wellbeing will be made by Bird Re-homing Services in consultation with the new caregiver (i.e. the previous caregiver extinguishes all ownership rights upon surrender payment)
  • It is expected that a quality of care consistent with our approach is maintained by any future guardian (diet, annual vet check, suitable housing, etc.)

If you wish to use this service, please download the surrender form and email it to us at Please keep in mind that this is a volunteer service and we will contact you as soon as we can. 

Surrender Form

Avian Veterinarian Examination Standards

If you're interested in adoption, please download our adoption forms and view our adoption pledge. 

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