Bird Care Programmes

Species specific bird care programme appointments can be made through West Brunswick Veterinary Clinic on (03) 9387 6166. Our pro-active Bird Care Programme includes a physical examination and a discussion with the parrot caregiver(s). Grooming procedures may also be performed during your appointment. Annual health checks with your avian practice are recommended to review your bird's overall health and to discuss any advancement in captive bird care techniques.

Items that are frequently discussed during these appointments include grooming, housing, diet, behaviour modification, disease testing, possible veterinary treatment and a host of other bird care information.

If you notice any of the following changes in your bird, or have any concerns at all about its health, contact your avian veterinarian immediately. All birds that are prey animals naturally mask signs of illness to prevent predation. By the time a captive bird presents obvious signs of illness, they are usually critically ill.

Signs that may indicate that your bird is sick include:

  • A fluffed up appearance
  • A hunched appearance / drooped wings and tail
  • Trouble perching
  • Loss of or sudden increase in appetite
  • Excessive resting
  • Change in number or appearance of droppings
  • Listlessness or a change in general behaviour
  • Laboured breathing with or without tail bobbing
  • Regurgitation – often presenting as a "dirty face”
  • Ocular or nasal discharge – presenting as wet looking feathers around the nares
  • The bird stops talking or singing