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Raising a parrot with the care and respect it deserves is a labour intensive process. Using bird speciality breeders, or brokers that raise to order, can avoid a situation in which the animal is left sitting around with other livestock potentially risking infection and change in temperament.

As part of the broking service, a qualified avian veterinary nurse and a team of professional hand-rearers source chicks either from a select group of reputable breeders or from our own aviaries, to raise them to the fledgling stage for sale. A daily record of weight and food consumption is kept for all chicks and can be requested by the client at any time. All birds are handed over fully weaned with the following attributes:

  • 'Step up' behaviour (additional training on request)
  • Harness training (on request)
  • Ability to accept various pellets and vegetables as the main portion of their diet
  • Ability to forage for food and engage in independent play
  • Post-fledged grooming as requested
  • DNA sexed and identification banded if required (certificate provided) – microchipping can be organised on request
  • Blood test results for C.Psittaci – a common and lethal intracellular bacterial species that causes endemic avian chlamydiosis, epizootic outbreaks in mammals, and respiratory psittacosis in humans
  • Faecal Gram Stain to detect any abnormalities in the gut flora, including Candida – a common and potentially fatal organism in human raised parrots
  • Once off worming and lice treatment – effective against internal and external parasites
  • An information pack containing useful tips and facts in species specific areas such as health, diet, environment and behaviour
  • Baby photos and hatch dates
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In addition, all fledglings are fostered through a crucial socialisation period by humans and other birds. All parrots are provided with toys as part of this initiative. This socialisation, which we begin at the earliest possible age (around 3-4 weeks), is key to a well-developed companion parrot. If you are not getting this kind of service from your provider, then you should ask "why not?”